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Benjamin Libor

Team Spreadshare ✌️


A place to pitch your startup and reach investors around the world

We like to use the platform to feature designers we love for the work they're doing

A place to suggest new features for Spreadshare

Legendary pitch decks from tech companies raising venture capital

Let's together learn what Streams are working best and why

Women who are leaving their mark on the crypto/blockchain industry

Welcome to Spreadshare

Your privacy is important to us

Let us know what you need to get researched and we source it from the crowd within your desired time & budget

Earn money remotely - for researching information for our clients

Questions and answers

Blog posts written by us

Want to curate a Stream? You need an invite from someone in the community or suggest your idea here

Have someone in mind who should curate a Stream here? Please let us know.

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The best development conferences to attend in 2018

The best design conferences in 2018 (and beyond)

Founders looking for cofounders